How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously on Android?

Instagram has been upgraded with some new features recently, one of which is the ability to share stories. I know that many Instagrammers don’t like this new feature, and they have been looking for ways to view Instagram stories anonymously on Android. So today, I will show you two methods you can use to do so; here they are!

Open up your Instagram App

If you’re looking for a way to see what your friends are up to without them knowing it, this guide is for you! A few apps will allow you to watch and like your friends’ stories without them knowing. It’s easy; follow these steps:

1) Download an app called ‘Keepsafe’ from the Google Play store.

Go onto stories

You might feel like missing out on something, but don’t worry! You can access your friends’ Instagram Stories without following them. Here’s how:

  1. Start by opening the Instagram app and log in if you haven’t already.
  2. Tap the Stories tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Swipe down from the top of your phone screen to bring up a search bar that says Instagram.

Click the bookmark icon (it looks like a rectangle with a square in it)

Open the browser on your Android device and search for the website ‘rustproof.’ Tap the bookmark icon (it looks like a rectangle with a square) and tap ‘Add To Home Screen. When you’re back on your home screen, you’ll see an app named Instaproof that you can open. You’ll need to create an account through email verification to log in. Once logged in, click on your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner and select Settings. There are three options: – Hide my username from other users – Hide my photos from other users – Limit Instagram Stories to camera mode.

Click request desktop site.

Instagram Stories is a great place to start if you’re looking for a way to check how your competitors market their products or services. It isn’t easy, however, if you don’t want them (or anyone) to know that you’re the one checking them out. The good news is an app that’ll let you do just that: InstaGhost. And it’s available on both Android and iOS. The gist of this app is simple: it allows users to see what others post without seeing who posted it. Type in the username of the account whose Story you’d like to view, and InstaGhost will load their page on desktop mode so you can watch their Story while they won’t be able to tell where they’re watching from.

How to view Instagram stories without an account?

If you’re not using Instagram but want to keep up with what your friends are doing, there is an easy way to do this without signing up. All you need is a computer and the web browser of your choice. Follow these steps, and in minutes you’ll have an up-to-date feed of what’s happening on Instagram. First, open Chrome on your computer. Next, click the three lines icon at the top left corner of the screen (just above hamburger) and choose Settings. Then scroll down to find Show Advanced Settings near the bottom of the page. Also, you need to know how to view Instagram stories anonymously on Android.

How do you view private Instagram stories without them knowing?

Instagram is a great way to share your life with your friends. But sometimes, keeping certain parts of your life private is good. You can do this in two ways: by making your account private or viewing Instagram Stories without them knowing. To make your account private, go into the settings and change the visibility from public to private. However, if you want to view Instagram Stories without them seeing that you viewed their Story, there’s a more complex solution. You must know how to view Instagram stories anonymously on Android.

The best app to view Instagram stories anonymously?

The best app you can use to view Instagram Stories anonymously is InstaSecret. It’s a free app, and it’s super easy to download. You don’t need an account, and you can choose whether or not you want your phone number and email address hidden. If you’re looking for a private way to see what your friends are up to, this is the perfect option! Is it also an ideal option to know how to view Instagram stories anonymously on Android? The good news is that there is a way to do so. InstaSecret will allow you to do just that without having any problems whatsoever. All you have to do is go to their website and download the app onto your phone. The next step would be providing information about yourself, such as your contact information if you want other users of the same app to know it before joining up for their service.

How can I tell if someone is viewing my Instagram stories via a third-party anonymous site?

Instagram has recently become one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 800 million monthly active users. With such a large user base, it can be not easy to manage your privacy and make sure that only those who are meant to see your posts can access them. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to help ensure that only your desired audience sees what you post on Instagram.

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